Improved sexual health – Since tantric massage is a sensual type of massage, one of its goals is to improve sexual health. In the case of men, the massage is particularly helpful for those with problems regarding erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. For women, tantric massage can help those who find it difficult to enjoy sexual intercourse. Sometimes, they do not reach orgasm because their partners and even themselves are not yet fully aware of how and where to touch. Sensual tantric massage provides solutions to such problems by teaching men to focus their minds in enjoying sex as a process, not just as a means to reach orgasm. On the other hand, it makes women realize how and where they prefer to be touched, which will lead to sexual satisfaction.

Improved emotional health – The emotional benefit of tantric masasge and sensual massage is related to its physical health effect. It gives you better blood circulation which improves your mood. Also, it enables you to have normal breathing patterns which leads to improved blood pressure. When you become adept at controlling your breathing pattern, you will be saved from high stress levels.

Life will never be free of stress but you can lessen the stress that you experience. Your health must be your utmost priority. Try a sensual tantric massage and enjoy the physical, spiritual, sexual and emotional benefits of it.