Sacred spot massage in London

What is a sacred spot massage?

Sacred erotic massage is a sexual-energy practice, such as VUM building, the same energy practice as Qigong, and the same body practice as Yoga. In addition to the pleasure of contact with a beautiful masseuse girl during the session, you develop your body and transform yourself, you pump energy, activate the flow of energy in yourself, in a couple, and space.

Sacred spot massage in London for Men and Women in London

It is a particular direction of massage, which focuses on an on-point impact. This is a complete system of health improvement, including a number of ways of influencing.

We dare to assume that the ancient creators of Thai massage focused on fans of “hotter”. Those who prefer to feel their body “from A to Z”.

This type of impact on the human body is also called “passive yoga”, since there are no light strokes, warm-ups, and friction. On the contrary, twisting, deep pressure, passive exercises that resemble yoga poses, reflexology, stretching, opening joints, and acupressure are used. Not only the palms and fingers of a masseuse are used, but also the elbows, knees, and feet.

Due to a precise technique of pressure on the body, a masseuse can reach the most secluded muscles. Many of them block the energy channels of your body, which leads to all the ailments combined. If you still think that the culprit of all your diseases is an extra portion of cake, go for a sacred spot massage. Therefore, you will feel much better!

Sacred spot massage

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