Soapy massage in London

What is a Soapy massage?

The soapy massage procedure allows you to achieve a perfect cleansing and rejuvenation of the skin, emotional, and physical harmony, as well as a state of weightlessness, which happens when you completely got relaxed.

First, the skin goes through a natural exfoliation and cleansing stage. For this purpose, particular kinds of soap are used. The erotic massage soap, the main components of which are olive oils, has an antioxidant and tonic effect. Olive oil softens and nourishes the skin. Bay oil moreover, has an antibacterial effect and deeply cleanses the skin.

Thus, the skin gets cleaned and prepared for the next stage – massage with bags of small Himalayan pebbles, for example. Soft touches of warm pebbles carefully work out the muscles, and afterward, the skin becomes toned. Soapy massage relieves blocks and tension in the body and gives a sense of renewal, besides.

Soapy massage with Argan oil efficiently completes the treatment. Luxurious Argan oil penetrates the skin, perfectly softens it and gives smoothness and tenderness. The whole procedure gives a delightful feeling and an absolute harmony feeling. An exquisite combination of valuable natural ingredients and massage techniques is aimed at rejuvenating effect and relaxation.

Soapy Massage Masseuse’s – Avalible in London


Soapy massage in London for Men and Women

For many clients, a soapy massage is a perfect massage because, unlike the Nuru massage (another popular massage), you don’t get gunked up and sticky with the gel. Don’t get us wrong, the Nuru massage is fantastic as well, and it has a lot of fans for a good reason. But sometimes, it’s not the most convenient massage. You’ll shower for your tantric massage anyway, so a soapy massage can be ideal for you if time is the primary factor.

It’s also a perfect option if you want to enjoy some close-up intimacy with the natural sexiness of suds replacing the massage oil. It has been likened to a Geisha experience where the masseuses can assist you in the shower or bathtub, and often – a girl ends up joining you in the water to maximize the erotic body to body contact. Our soapy massage girls always aim to help you get the most from your sensual massage. Try it on!

Soapy massage in London is specially developed and it is purely sensual aims at indulging you with delivering complete and ultra pleasure.

Soapy massage girls

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