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Giving a Sensual Massage

There are many different ways that you can spice up your sex life, but what we think at Pure Tantric is that giving a sensual massage in London is probably one of the best! To this we have given a few simple steps to really bring your partner on to cloud 9 and get the fun back in your relationship:

Setting the Scene

One of the most important aspects of getting prepared for a romantic and sensual massage is to prepare the area where you will carry out the massage. By this we mean the decor, and music. Things like scented candles are always a winner as is some soft and sensual music playing in the background! Get rid of all the reminders of stress in the room and try and keep it as minimalist as possible, this includes mobiles, laptops out etc. You will also want to get a nice big comfortable towel to use which can go on the bed of floor. This will ensure that when using some massage oil it will not ruin your bed sheets etc as it can be difficult to remove at the best of times!

Oils and Candles

Getting the right scent is important here. So choose something that will really give a nice erotic feeling to the massage. Dont go for cheap massage oils, as spending a but more really can make a huge difference!

Prepare Yourself

Make sure you have some comfortable clothing for the erotic massage and remove anything like jewellery etc

Sensual Massage Techniques

If yo9u are new to massage then do some research on what are the best sensual massage techniques that you can use or perhaps even get some one to one training to aid you in delivering a superb massage for your partner