four hands massage london

Four Hands Massage

Someone looking for a four hands massage in London should definitely come down and see what we have to offer at our very trendy apartment in Bayswater, West London! The concept of a hands massage is very erotic and sensual and we really do not disappoint. Having 4 gorgeous hands massaging you at the same time really is an unbelievable experience and when the girls really work together well in sync it is an even more sensual experience.

There is probably a multitude of reasons that clients want to come down to see us and try out this therapy. Maybe stressed out, suffering from too much pressure at work and need to relax, or perhaps even just would like a bit more fun and pleasure in their lives. Whatever the reason, a four hands massage carried out by truly qualified masseuses who really have a passion for what they do and pampering clients can be a delightful experience for any client.

While one of our masseuses works on one part of your body with sensual caresses and strokes, the other masseuse will be working on a different part of your body and this combination of stroking and sensual kneading is really enough to get anyone’s senses in a spin!


We do also understand that coming down to our luxury tantric massage parlour in Bayswater, London, W2 is not always convenient for some of our clients, whether they are too busy or maybe not their area etc. This is why we offer outcall four hands massage services to clients throughout central, west London and also as far as Heathrow Airport for those clients that have just arrived at the airport and would like some dedicated and sensual massage therapy for when they arrive!