Bloomsbury massage

Substantial impact on the human skin and body is a mandatory element of any relaxing massage. Only in the classic massage version, the masseuse presses, strokes and pinches the client exclusively with her fingers, and in the erotic version – with her fingers, lips, breasts, buttocks, and even the inner side of the thighs.

For example, body massage near Bloomsbury, or a Thai massage Bloomsbury a service that is very popular in all areas of London, is performed by rubbing a naked girl on the body of a naked client. For her touch to be gentle and similar to the touch of a flower petal rushing to the surface of the water surface, before the procedure, the girl masseuse smears herself and the client with special massage oil. After that, the client’s body surface starts to be kneaded, almost without touching it with a girl’s hands. Only with the belly, chest, and buttocks or the inner surface of the thighs, wrapping with legs and pressing to the body of the client by the hottest – literally and figuratively part of the girl’s body. Tempting, isn’t it? Of course, we will not disclose all the nuances of this massage type, since each massage master has his own professional secrets. You will learn more about them independently by booking one of our girls right away.

Even more extravagant, the erotic massage looks from the side in the technique of “Sakura branch”, in which the nervous and muscular tension of the man “gets melted” under the tender and hot kisses of an experienced massage girl. Between such elegant touches, now and then “slip” brighter and sharper, performed with the help of gentle skin biting in the locations of erogenous points. It feels fantastic! By the way, you can order a massage in a room with a mirrored wall or ceiling – thus, you’ll get more fun if you are an aesthete by nature or like to watch dynamic “hot” pictures. If desired, the “Sakura branch” massage can be performed in an interior setting typical of China, with appropriate music, and unique makeup of masseuses.

Tantric massage in Bloomsbury London

Particular attention should be paid to tantric Bloomsbury massage services. We highly recommend it for visitors whose professional activity is associated with large nervous overloads. They affect a person as a kind of jackhammer, leading the smooth functioning of the nervous system into an unstable state. As a result, the person becomes emotionally broken, which worsens all aspects of his life. Tantric male massage in Bloomsbury, performed to a particular musical entourage, with an exclusive complex of Oriental aromatic oils, can relieve the wild tension of nerves and muscles, even in a person who has been “on edge” for many days.

After the first part of the massage session, when the client finally got relaxed and morally “opened up” to the master, the latter proceeds to influence the most erogenous zones of the client and his genitals. Naturally, the effect on intimate areas is carried out only by the most experienced masseuses and does not restrict itself to a banal, rough stimulation without unique delights. The girls of our Bloomsbury massage London service are qualified experts in the human body, which means that their work brings a lot of new, previously unknown sensual pleasures.

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