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If any acts or omissions are made by the user, you are agreeing to indemnify. If using this website, are you bound to this agreement which states you will defend, indemnify and you will not hold any harm to Pure Tantric Massage London. You also agree that you will indemnify every involved affiliate, employee, consultant, agent, attorney, representative, any legal party or anyone else involved in the process. All third parties are also due to receive compensation from you as the user. Any and all damages, losses or liabilities occur, you as the user agree to indemnify us as ruled by a court of law. Also, any attorney fees that arise as a result of the process will be your responsibility as well. If you are responsible for the losses or pay us any compensation, we will notify you immediately of any and all charges that you’re responsible for. If we can, we will assist you at a reasonable level with certain costs.



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If at any time, there’s a decision made by a competent court and there’s a term or an amendment made in these terms that are cannot be forced by common law, every other term and condition in the clause agreement shall remain the same and unchanged. These clauses shall not be changed. Also, be aware, that no waiver shall be valid or be put into effect unless it’s signed by a waiving party with a proper signature and it must be in writing. No emails or other forms of waivers shall be made effective.



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If at any time a court decides that a provision is invalid and must be reverted, then the amendment will be scraped from the terms and it will be terminated from the agreement. Every amendment made in our agreement will be active until such time.