1. Introduction

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that your rights as a visitor and user are being respected. We here at Pure Tantric Massage London want to ensure your rights to privacy are protected under the full extent of the law. Yourself and other users have a right to fair privacy while viewing our website. This policy will ensure that you receive the proper notice of any updates and we created this policy to help educate users on their right to privacy. We want users to have the utmost confidence in their private rights when using this website and we want to validate our commitment to ensuring your privacy. However, please be informed that this privacy policy shall only be applied to this website and we do not guarantee the privacy of you or other users that visit other websites found on this site or third-parties.

Please also be aware that this an adult website and we do not permit children under the age of 18 on this website to use it for any purpose. Our target is an adult audience and no content or material posted on this website shall be aimed at or intended for children. This is in respect to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.


  1. Information Collection

When you visit this website, there are couple of different situations that we could collect any information on you. One of those situations where we would contact information on you is if you contact us via the contact us page. If you contact us, we reserve the right to collect your name, email and any other details asked for on the contact page that you provide to us. If at any time any content on our site allows you to leave a comment or create a membership, any and all information made public may be visible to us and other users. No information is required to be collected by simply using this website.

When you visit our website, the server for our website may collect additional information on you that’s not confidential for you the user in any way. When you visit this website, your IP address will be visible by our server and our website. There will be no personal information revealed or collected during your visit without you giving it to us. The site may also collect some traffic data based on your browsing habits, which is solely meant to help us improve the website and see where people are spending time.

We also distribute cookies to your computer when you visit this website and by using our website, you agree to allow us to put a cookie into your computer. A cookie is simply a small piece of information on your computer that helps store some data about our website and if we have login details or things that should be stored on your computer for the next visit, these things will be stored in cookies. Cookies are simply used for analytics purposes and in no way is used to collect your personal data. Most of the use for our cookies is simply for Google Analytics, which we use to help improve our services and the website. If at any time, we have sponsors or affiliates utilizing on our website, these affiliates or sponsors may have access to information such as analytics on our website but your personal information will not be given to anyone for any reason.


  1. Your Information

When your personal information is collected to the limited extent that we collect it, we guarantee that your personal information is not shared by us to any third party with the exception of emailing list programs that we use to send out newsletters or hosting companies. We also use anonymous information to help us analyze how people are using our websites, what people are doing on them and to help improve our services. We may also collect your IP address when issues arise with our website to help diagnose problems with servers or to display some content local to you for convenience.

Any information displayed by advertisers on this website or any promotions on this site might contain cookies. Any information collected by a third party is not in our jurisdiction and we have no control over what they do with that information.

We may however disclose personal information about you if a situation arises. If you are a legal threat to another person, yourself or you have committed a violation of the law that we believe obligates us to contact the local law enforcement authorities, we will contact the prompt parties. We also may use your information if a legal situation arises where the protection of this website is under threat. If in the event that this website or a portion of the website is sold, new third-parties directed by the new ownership or the new ownership may have access to confidential information you have provided us.


  1. Security

Our website uses security policies and systems in place to protect our website and our users. We have security systems that will help prevent attacks on our network, prevent the misuse of data, the loss of data and alteration of such data. We also make no guarantees and are not under obligation to fully protect your data or any third-party’s data in such an event.


  1. Website Areas of Operation

There are certain areas outside of our operations or jurisdiction. By visiting a link to another website that is not owned by us, you agree that you’re not governed by this privacy policy and we not guarantee your confidential information’s privacy. Nor can we protect the loss of any such data you may have on that website.


  1. Contact

Any questions or concerns regarding this policy can be forwarded to our team via the contact page. If at any time, we feel that a change is needed to our privacy policy, we reserve the right to change this policy at any time. If any policy changes are made, they will be made viewable by the public for 30 days before they take effect.