What is nuru massage?

The word itself sounds intriguing enough, isn’t it? We, here at Pure Tantric Massage love to keep this very eccentricity of the massage’s nature and purpose alive to the utmost. Now to see what is a true nuru massage meaning actually reveals. Nurumassage has its origin in the Far East in the country of Japan. To give the best nuru experience to our clients, we have the gel! Yes, this Nuru massage gel reduces friction and also not as thick as the regular massages oil. All it means is, our clients can wash it all off after a massage session with us. So why do we use the massage gel in the first place? The full body massage nuru seeks for sensations that are usually absent in other kinds of massages. These sensations are both of the sensual and slippery kind. A nuru experience with Pure Tantric Massage simply means, a new never before the kind release of bodily tensions. And this is primarily through all the proportions and frictions of the masseuse’s physicality. If you are having any wild guesses, that’s right, she will slide up and down using her body and the slippery gel.

Nuru Massage Masseuse’s – Avalible in London


Even if you are a sophisticated man and have experienced a lot, Nuru erotic massage will surprise you and even amaze you. This exotic type of massage is so imbued with an erotic component that it will not leave the slightest chance of boredom and monotony.

On the pleasure island of Pure Tantric Massage London, every visitor will be able to enjoy a unique erotic massage from sexy, experienced workers.

The reputation of our online salon will not disappoint the visitor, as it is Pure Tantric Massage London that will lead you to new, unforgettable impressions, give you unearthly bliss, relaxation, and comfort, after which you will want to visit the Pure Tantric Massage London website again and again.

Erotic massage in London from our beautiful masseuses is an opportunity not only to relax but also to get aesthetic pleasure. Every girl of our online salon conquers, at first sight, the beauty of her body. At the same time, of course, the main thing is professional skills honed to perfection. The combination of different massage techniques in the gentle hands of a charming masseuse will provide you with maximum relaxation and a sense of euphoria. It remains to choose a girl to your taste and leave a request for a session.

As a rule, massage is a close contact of the masseur with the body of his client. And Nuru massage is an even closer communication between them. It is performed all over the client’s body, and the masseuse will use not only her hands but also her entire body in the process.

Nuru massage came to us quite recently from a distant, but so sensual and voluptuous Japan. Today, it is becoming popular with us – more and more of its fans prefer this type of erotic massage, which allowed our men to experience surprisingly pleasant feelings.

Nuru massage is a sacrament, a kind of sacrament, a dialogue between a man and a woman. Once you have experienced the pleasure of Nuru, you will not be able to forget it or give it up, so pleasant bright memories will be.

Nuru Massage In London

Is a Nuru Experience Beneficial? Real Nuru Massage

If you are over with searching ‘nuru near me’, by finding us, must say it is our duty to clear the air on the potential beneficiary causes of the massage. Let’s first start with the gel itself. Pure Tantric Massage uses a gel that uses extracts of grapefruit and seaweed fruit, alongside aloe vera extracts. All the ingredients that are present in the gel invariably act upon the body of our clients. Making all the body muscles to relax and be free from stress like never before. Will you get all this in the more traditional form of massages? Never! This is a massage we carry out which essentially excites and also at the same time has a calming influence on our clients. We do each step of the massage process through utmost precision and sticking to the basics. For instance, our masseuse covers her entire body with gel right in front of our client. Once this process is over, she proceeds to cover her client’s body with the gel. A gentle massage is on offer from her as she applies the gel. Once both have gel subsequently covering every part of their body, they slide against one another, triggering a sensual pleasuring experience.

What is Full Body Massage Nuru?

Just when you already have the idea of a full body massage from the earlier paragraphs, we think it is the right time for you to know more about a nuru experience. We have the option of outcall and incall nuru massage locations for you. Feel free to decide between any of the two. Either we can go ahead and service you in your location of choice, or you can choose your masseuse and have a great service at our place. Once you avail the full body nuru massage, you will gain the sensations that you were yet to in your life. We deliver the true meaning of ecstasy and nothing less than that. Every pore of your body will feel the sensations that are best compared to being in cloud 9. Now why in London, you will particularly be using our services specifically when there are others too? Firstly, we give you the experience and the sensation of your life. Secondly, get ready to sample some of the most intrinsic crafts of our masseurs absent from anyplace else. Just get in touch with us and choose your nuru escort. You will be thanking us at the end of it all.

Nuru Therapy is an Art

If you are pondering over the above heading, in a nutshell, that is what Nuru therapy is. Right from the origins of nuru massage in Japanese bathhouses, it has been seen more like an art form and not just a sensual bodily rub. In Japan itself, it retains its exclusivity to this day. If you are wondering what really the nuru definition, in Japanese, is, Nuru actually means slippery. It denotes the slippery substance, the lubricating gel that is put on in the course of a massage. The nuru gel originates from the organic seaweed which is the same substance that people eat by wrapping in their sushi. Nuru therapy or the tantra nuru massage happens to make the most use of the surrounding ambience. Candlelight adorns the room as the masseuse performs. There is also the accompaniment of scent laden essential oils in the room. We use the most authentic of gels in London which adds to the factor of intense pleasure. Deriving the most satisfaction and fulfilment is only possible with the heightening of all the energy inside the body. Our therapy invariably leads to better muscle movements, blood flow, the release of harmful toxins, and more.

What is Nuru experience?

At Pure Tantric Massage, you get the best nurumassage experience, where masseuse rubs their bodies all over yours with the aid of gel which creates an outburst of sexual energy. It is essential to sample this experience that is nowhere to be found.

Where to get the best Nuru?

Visit us at our website and give us a call-in number to book a slot of nuru massage experience. Booking is easy and you can choose your own masseuse. Moreover, you can choose your own place for the massage or can come down to us.

How good is Nuru therapy?

It is a life-changing experience. A nuru masseuse rubbing his or her body creates an unparalleled sense of ecstasy and calmness at the same time. Natural working out and easing of muscle tension through expert hands slowly heightens the energy and bursts out at the very climax.

Are Nuru escorts legal?

Definitely, our nuru escorts are all of the legal age and have all the training that is essential in nuru therapy. They are the last word when it comes to massages. All their backgrounds and experience undergo our stringent checks for our clients to enjoy a session of Nuru therapy.

Nuru massage technique

Before the massage, the girl applies a special gel to her body, which will make her skin soft, silky. The special smoothness of the skin, which has been treated with Nuru-gel, ensures maximum glide, which will give pleasure to both men and women.

As you know, many erotic points, even those that may not be guessed, are located on the skin. Special stimulation of these erogenous zones will allow you to feel the pleasure of such an unusual massage as keenly as possible.

After the gel is applied to the girl’s body, the most important and interesting thing comes – actually, massage. It is performed all over the client’s body, and the masseuse does it, also, with her whole body. It involves the arms, back, buttocks, chest, thighs, back. Words cannot convey what you will feel when a young, healthy girl will massage your body so erotically, inspiringly, and very excitingly. The massage is based on the principle of the exchange of sexual energy between a man and a woman. And the result of Nuru massage will be even much more effective than with normal sex.

The result of Nuru massage

No matter how tired, agitated, or depressed you are, erotic massage will make you forget about business and worries. Pleasant sensations, incredibly strong emotions, sensual tactile touches – this massage will leave the deepest trace in your soul and can become the most vivid impression of an erotic nature.

But not only the massage itself will be pleasant, but also its result. You will feel an incredible lightness, the most gentle languor, and satisfaction. The sensations will be so strong and pleasant that you will get the impression that you will not experience anything new in your life. But this is not so – after rest and relaxation, there will come a time of energetic decisions, excitement, strength. You will have the desire to live, work, and do your duties with enthusiasm and joy.

When eroticism can become better than sex

It is believed that sexual sensations are the strongest. But the online salon Pure Tantric Massage London does not think so. Eroticism can also be sensual and surprisingly pleasant. In Nuru erotic massage, the client will receive several pleasures at once: the tactile-the sensation of touching an incredibly delicate, flexible, and elastic female body, visual-from looking at a bending young beauty, auditory-the salon during a massage session will provide you with the necessary entourage for contact-apartments, music, spa components and components, such as scented candles, aroma oils.

Ordering a Nuru massage in London, you will get an unearthly pleasure. In our online salon, there are many beautiful, pretty girls, and each will be happy to show you an erotic action in which the pleasant and the useful are so intertwined that it is no longer clear where that is. And after the massage, you will once again go to conquer the world, but pleasant memories of Nuru massage will remain with you for life.

If you want to book in to see one of our sexy Nuru masseuses or you would like one of us to come and see you then all you need to do is call us on 07548 084 241 or send us a form through the website.

Nuru Massage Girls

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