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Nuru Massage

If you want to experience a real Nuru massage, then Pure Tantric is the place to find the masseuse of your dreams.

However, if you are new to the Nuru massage concept, then let us explain why it is an experience that you have to try at least once in your life.

What Is Nuru Massage?

Originating in Japan, Nuru massage, Nuru massage in London brings to the massage table some elements that some of you did not think could be used. Of course, we are talking about the Nuru massage gel – it is not as thick as the usual massage oil, meaning that it can be washed off quite easily after the massage session is done.
Moreover, since it is a gel, it can truly offer the sensual and slippery sensations most of you are looking for in a massage. Therefore, a Nuru massage in London means that you will be offered an enhanced perception of the masseuse’s body, because of the gel and of the way, she will be using it to slide her body up and down against yours.

Nuru Massage Benefits

Now that you know what Nuru Massage, real Nuru massage is, it is time to tell you about its benefits – because there is so much more than just the pleasure of the massage. Since the gel is made of the extract of seaweed fruit, grapefruit extract, Aloe Vera gel, and some other herbs, you also experience a naturist massage – the antioxidants will fill your skin and make your muscles relax and your body relieves stress like never before.

Your body will be more relaxed and calmer than in the case of traditional massages – the sensual body of your masseuse paired with the natural Nuru massage oil will make for an unforgettable experience – both thrilling and calming.

How Is Nuru Massage Performed at Pure Tantric?

Our Nuru massage in London services come with a specific procedure, that is meant to excite and relax you as well – and everything begins with one special moment.

  • First of all, the masseuse will have to cover her entire body with the Nuru massage gel – this process will take place before your very eyes, making for a soothing and exciting experience.
  • After her body is covered in gel, it is now the time for your body to be covered as well. Of course, the masseuse will massage you as she is applying the oil.
  • Then, once the two of you are fully covered with the Nuru massage oil, the masseuse will start to slide and rub her body against yours, making for a quite unique tantric massage – you will be offered pleasure, sensuality, as she’ll use her oily body to hug yours.

Outcall & Incall Nuru Massage in London

In terms of Nuru massage locations, you have the possibility to choose between incall and outcall services – you can come to our location and have your masseuse of choice greet and massage you, or you can have your body massaged and driven into full ecstasy in your location of choice.

Why Use Our Nuru Massage Services?

First of all, it’s everything about the experience here – the Nuru massage gel is really able to give you the sensation you have been waiting for so far.

Moreover, our highly experience masseuses will make sure that you will not forget this experience. Properly trained and with a good massage background, they have more than enough tricks and massage techniques that they can use to make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

How to Order Nuru Massage Services?

If you have decided that you want an oily massage experience, then all you have to do is contact us or make a booking online. Of course, you will be able to choose your favorite masseuse so that the entire experience will be just as you want it.

Do not hesitate, as the use of the Nuru Gel can give your body sensations you didn’t ever think you could experience!

Pure Tantric massage is pleased to tell you all that Nuru massage is one of our specialty services at our very sensuous massage parlor in Bayswater, W2. This is one of the most popular types of massage therapy and it gives clients a great opportunity to get a very intimate and sensual massage with one of our sexy masseuses at our massage parlor.

A unique concept that is involved in this sensual massage that comes from Japan in South East Asia is that it really does offer some unique elements. The main one being the type of gel that is used when taking part in this massage. We use a unique gel called Nuru gel which is not a thick texture as you might expect from traditional massage practice, and this is purely due to the fact it is a gel and not oil and this means it can be washed off very easily, but most importantly it provides a very slippery and sensual surface for the full body Nuru massage experience to take place making it fun and tantalizing for the people taking part in the massage.

We do understand that for some clients it just may not be feasible to come down to our lovely central London apartment and this is the reason that we provide such a comprehensive outcall service to our clients where we can come and visit you for a home visit massage, a hotel outcall in central London as well as offering outcalls to both Heathrow airport hotels as well as Gatwick depending on the length of your booking with us.

If you want to book in to see one of our sexy Nuru masseuses or you would like one of us to come and see you then all you need to do is call us on 07548 084 241 or send us a form through the website.

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