What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru Massage has its origins in Japan, Southeast Asia, and is one of the most erotic and sensual massages that we have on offer at Pure Tantric Massage in London. This massage is a totally unique experience, and the main reason for this is the Nuru gel that is used for the experience. In Japanese the word ‘Nuru’ translates to English as ‘Slippery’ and this tells you everything you need to know about this sexy massage.

After applying the gel liberally across your naked body, the masseuse will use her full naked body to glide all over your body which clients say is a breathtaking and exhilarating experience not to be missed!

Nuru Massage in London

When you book yourself in for a Nuru massage in London experience, you can choose from any of our stunning and experienced nuru practitioners. Although we don’t have any Japanese masseuses working at Pure, all our massage therapists have undergone full nuru massage training with nuru specialists to enable them to give an authentic nuru massage session.

This therapy offers you the perfect excuse to take time out from the hustle and bustle of London, to enjoy a tranquil and mesmerising therapy at the hands of our nuru experts!

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About Nuru massage in Japan history

Nuru Therapy is a Japanese Art Form

Nuru massage is seen in Japan as an art form and is particularly popular in Japanese bath houses. Its not seen just as a sensual body rub and retains a form of exclusivity in Japan to the current day, as an erotic therapy.

At Pure we like to create a very ambient setting, with candlelight around the room, and soft and soothing oriental style music playing in the background. Additionally, you will find that we use some of the most relaxing and calming essential oils to spice up the atmosphere.

Nuru massage in Japan Art - What's is nuru massage? - puretantricmassage.com

​Even for those who are massage veterans in London, – if you haven’t had the pleasure of a nuru massage yet, you will be amazed with this therapy! From the get-go, this massage is one of the most erotic therapies, and completely unique in its format and style.

Our sexy masseuses have their techniques honed to perfection, and they will always provide a first class nuru service with their gentle strokes and erotically using their full body to massage you. This massage provides both relaxation and maximum euphoria simultaneously, and we are confident, like our other clients, you will booking your next nuru session soon after your first!

Do you provide nuru massage incall and outcall?

Yes, we do. You are welcome to experience the delights of nuru at one of our cosy massage locations, or in the comfort of your own hotel room. Just get in touch with our friendly team, and we can arrange this seductive and sexy massage for you anywhere in London.

Is any other massage like Nuru?

No, in our opinion the Nuru massage is totally unique. Its calming but exciting at the same time. But the nuru gel really does set this massage apart from even a traditional body to body massage.

Are the massage services confidential?

Yes, we take privacy of our clients very seriously. You can rest assured that this is a top priority for us at Pure Tantric Massage.

Are there any wellness benefits of this massage?

Yes absolutely! Our nuru massage service offers the complete wellness experience encompassing body, mind, and spirit, which will leave you ready and raring to go after a sexy session with one of our stunners.

Do you provide a bespoke massage option?

Yes, we do. We fully understand the wants and needs of our clients at Pure Tantric Massage, and so we are happy to provide a fully bespoke service. We are therefore open to personalising your session to reflect a service that gives you the maximum pleasure to leave you feeling fulfilled. We can also mix in some other techniques on request if this suits your needs.