Top 10 types of massage therapy


There are many massage types, from classics like Swedish and deep tissue to royal massage and two girls massage. Sometimes choosing a style of massage can be confusing. Therefore, it is essential to know the subtleties of each type.

In this article for your competition, we offer a list of the most popular types of massage (including some that may be new to you).

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1. Erotic massage

Many people are interested in what is erotic massage?

This is a type of massage that:

  • is performed by a fully nude masseuse, the client is also wholly naked;
  • is performed with both hands, breasts, buttocks, other parts of the female body;
  • is performed without sexual contact of the client and the masseuse (without sex);

As a result of the erotic massage, the client is brought by the girl to the highest point of pleasure.

What could be better than a gentle and persistent touch of warm palms of attractive brunette or blonde masseuse?

Under the hands of any of our girls (and not only hands :)), you will completely forget for some time about the real world and will plunge into the unknown world of absolutely new, bright feelings.

2. Royal massage (two girls)

You are offered a royal erotic massage: it is performed by two girls. You get an excellent way to relax and unwind your mind and body.

If you want to be in the company of two charming sexy ladies, be sure to experience the “Royal massage” or “Two girls massage” with two masseuses. A bright, intense erotic show with two lovely girls that will glide around your body covered with essential oils awaits you.

Each of the “sorceress” wants to prove to you own superiority: both masseuses use a variety of attractive movements, they will give you the extraordinary charm and sweet bliss. This is the kind of pleasure you could only dream of.

3. Slippery massage

A fantastic way of relaxing massage came to us from exotic Japan, the inhabitants of which since ancient times are famous for their delicate and passionate sensuality.

What a slippery massage?

The main secret of the slippery massage is a unique hypoallergenic slippery massage oil gel, which is able to enhance the sensations repeatedly. It is the massage gel that is able to reveal all the possibilities of the well-known erotic massage when the client’s body is not affected by hands, but by whole massage girl’s body. It is transparent and odorless and has excellent properties in order to fully experience the tactile sensations and emotions from the incredibly soft contact with the young body of the masseuse.

4. Yoni massage

The principle of Yoni massage is aimed at awakening sensuality, so masseuse and client need to trust each other. In this type of massage, it is essential to respect the body of a woman. Only in this way, both partners will get enormous pleasure. There is a kind of additional services where the client receives maximum enjoyment and relaxation from the Yoni massage.

In the process of a Yoni massage or massage for women, a woman often reaches orgasm, and sometimes more than one.

Women, practicing Yoni massage or massage for women in London and other cities, release a considerable flow of energy, get rid of complexes and childhood traumas fixed in the psyche. After a massage, a woman feels happy, and her self-worth increases.

5. Prostate Massage

Prostate Massage or male prostate stimulation is widely used for the prevention of many diseases, including prostatitis. During the massage, the classic basics of General massage are used, as well as vigorous rubbing and deep kneading.

In the supine position, the so-called segmental erotic massage is performed. First, the back is massaged, then the pelvic area (stroking, kneading, rubbing) and the sacrum (manipulations are performed from the outer edge of the sacrum to the inner scallop). Next, the area along the outer edge of the sacrum is massaged, from below, in the direction of the lumbar triangle, the muscles of the buttocks are kneaded.

A kind of concussion of the pelvis and back completes the procedure of “prostate pleasure”. With the help of massage of tissues in the lower abdomen and pubic symphysis also eliminated pain in the bladder.

6. Classic massage

In the modern rhythm of life, there is a lot of fuss, more time we devote to work and forget about the rest. We are always in motion, and all these generate overstrain and leads us to irritation and fatigue that has accumulated.

Classic massage will help you relax, give you complete relaxation. Every part of your body will be carefully crafted by skillful masseuse handles. You will feel a surge of strength, look at the world with different eyes, and you will have a second wind.

7. Thai massage

Thai massage is a kind of erotic massage aimed at complete relaxation of both physical and spiritual state. It came to us from ancient India and China, where it was used as a preparation of men for sexual intercourse. The peculiarities of cheap Thai massage in London or in other cities, as in ancient times, and now. Is the use of aromatic oils for the massage and fumigation of the room, as well as the accompaniment of “magic ritual” by relaxing music.

Moreover, Thai massage in London from Puretantric massage allows you not just to get pleasure and feel a surge of strength but also brings significant benefits to your body. It allows you to:

  • stabilize your heart rate;
  • improve hormonal background;
  • normalize muscle tone;
  • significantly improve overall health;
  • support the psychological state.

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8. Swedish massage

Swedish erotic massage is one of the most healing and useful. Swedish massage in London offers not just physical pleasure to your body, but also a profound healing effect. By the way, Swedish erotic massage is a striking refutation of the stereotype that all the best types of massage came up in the East.

Swedish massage appeared not so long ago, but it differs really by special techniques that make it much more interesting than some other type of erotic massage. For example, the Swedish massage is a profound impact on the muscles.

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This kind of erotic massage is ideal for men who prefer strength and reasonable roughness. Which can sometimes adequately emphasize the eroticism of the massage when a naked girl rubs your body with stiff fingers, then you clearly feel her every movement. And these movements increasingly relax your body. They are strong, but at the same time give such a brightness of emotions that your body from their overabundance begins to relax in the most incredible way!

This is achieved due to the fact that the Swedish erotic massage is performed in certain areas of your body, which are connected with nerve endings. Exposure to these areas allows you to achieve complete relaxation, which is further facilitated by special oil that is used in Swedish erotic massage.

9. Chinese Massage

The technique of point influence on the human body is the basis of Chinese massage, in London. You can book this massage on our website. With the help of Chinese massage, the healthy circulation of vital energy Qi is restored, is being improved the functioning of all internal organs of the massaged person.

This effect is achieved due to the fact that the masseuse affects specific points that are on the stomach, back, head. It should also be noted that Chinese massage is an excellent remedy for cellulite.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of this massage – it is able to give the skin silky, body elasticity, calm the nerves and normalize the cardiovascular system and, of course, improve mood. Under the skilled hands of a masseuse. You will feel the avalanche of swirling energy covers you and life take on new paint.

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10. Deep Tissue massage

Deep tissue massage will help to cope with depression effectively. Besides this ancient oriental art has long been used as a rejuvenating agent. This type of massage is popular among both men and women who want to combine business with pleasure, regardless of social status and age. For men, deep tissue massage is an excellent opportunity to diversify sex life and feel the surge of male power, for women – on the example of charming beauties. To take all the subtleties and methods of the seduction of the opposite sex.

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